Not all prospects are created equal

Targeted Investment Focus

Target the Appropriate Financial Criteria

All households have different goals and needs, and the focus of your campaign and corresponding data should align with these specific needs. We can assist you in creating your campaign to precisely target these households through proven techniques to drive responses from highly motivated prospects.

Financial pre-qualification is at the heart of every direct marketing campaign. Understanding data and, more importantly, how to use it effectively, when targeting your prospect universe are critical to maximizing your marketing ROI.

Our messages are created based on the demographic and financial filters determined by you.

Specialty Financial Criteria

Target prospects with greater precision and profitability using Acquire’s proprietary filters. Acquire worked with a team data specialists to analyze precise elements in commonly used financial filters. The result: five proprietary Specialty Financial Criteria selections that correlate with certain types of prospect needs.

  • Longevity: Mass affluent pre-retiree and retiree households with a focus on retirement savings; being slightly less sophisticated investors, these individuals typically seek financial professionals for simple and comforting solutions.

  • Safe Money: Affluent pre-retiree and retiree households recognized as prudent retirement savers but more conservative investors; they prefer solutions that emphasize safety rather than growth in retirement.

  • Growth: Affluent pre-retiree and retiree households, typically with higher sources of income than the mass affluent; as prudent retirement savers and educated investors, they seek more comprehensive planning including diversification through less common asset classes and products.

  • Tax: Affluent pre-retiree and retiree households seeking asset protection and advanced distribution planning.

  • Legacy: High net worth and ultra-high net worth retiree and retiree households seeking asset protection and advanced distribution planning.

Standard Financial Criteria

We also have access to common financial filters including:

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