Different types of people respond
to different types of marketing

Targeted Demographic Segments

Direct mail is the ideal channel to accurately target a specific population segment that has a clear need for your services. Use this capability to focus on demographic segments with which you have the most success.

Combine your financial specialty with a precise mailing list of your best prospects to achieve optimal results.

Major market segments include but are not limited to the following:


Seniors are most inclined to seek assistance from a financial professional. Studies show that fear of the unknown and a growing ‘lack of control’ feeling develop with age. Help seniors regain financial confidence in their retirement while easing their fears of the unknown.

Areas of opportunity include:


Baby Boomers are and will continue to be a large demographic segment for financial professionals. While they bring considerable IRA and 401(k) rollover opportunities, they are the first to experience a major wealth transfer from their parents’ generation.

Areas of opportunity include:

Female Audience

Many financial professionals have found success appealing to a predominantly female audience – female heads of household, widows, or single professionals.

Segment Advantages:

  • 60% of all personal wealth in the US is controlled by females
  • Women are more likely to attend events geared toward them
  • Loyal and offer compelling referrals
  • Very influential, and are often overlooked by your competition

Get all the tools you need to attract qualified female prospects with the Women & Wealth Program.

Married Couples

Tailoring messages toward married couples has its share of benefits. Married couples oftentimes lead to dual-household income cases and a larger accumulation of wealth, accompanied by greater financial planning needs.

Areas of opportunity include:

Young Affluent

Having not yet developed a close relationship with a financial advisor, there is an opportunity to establish an early connection with this segment. Seeking convenience and willing to pay a premium for services, the young affluent prefer to be distinguished from the crowd, placing significance on the look and feel of your marketing.


Our data capabilities go beyond age and financial criteria, and give you the ability to truly pinpoint your prospects by ethnicity. For instance, a financial professional may find that he or she has more success when marketing to Latin American prospects over other ethnicities and therefore, needs assistance maintaining their desirable prospect list and/or customizing a mail piece specifically for this group.

We can tailor your campaign with distinct data elements to maximize your response rate.

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