Client acquisition through
event-based direct marketing

Event Formats

Obtain More Motivated Prospects

Event-driven campaigns prove to be the most successful form of direct marketing. They create the clearest call-to-action and prompt a response within a defined campaign period.

Get the right message to the right prospects, and you will motivate them to attend your event. Whether you are a natural presenter who thrives in front of large groups or prefer connecting with prospects on an individual basis, event formats can be tailored to fully align with your financial specialty.

Achieve Higher Profits & A Larger ROI

Direct marketing gives you the ability to calculate what professional marketers call a “tangible return on investment” and the ability to calculate your campaign cost on a per-attendee, per-appointment, or per-new-client basis.

This enables you to put together your marketing plan with your budget and production goals in mind. Acquire can help you achieve your marketing and production goals today!

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